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New Way to Monetize your Website

New Way to Monetize your Website in 2018: [25 Method to Make Money]

1. Set up “Infolinks” Ads

If you looking for a new way to monetize your website than Infolinks are very helpful to monetize websites. Monetize websites with Infolinks are very easy.

Infolinks is a great alternative to Google AdSense advertisements, that are very easy to set up. However, the downside is that they aren’t high converting, and the payouts (on a per click basis) are also quite small.

Infolinks takes some time to earn decent money, so you need good traffic on your website,

It is another new way to monetize your website and the good thing is that you can use Infolinks with Google AdSense. Infolinks are double underline Hyperlinks which connect with an advertiser.

Minimum payout of Infolinks is $50 via PayPal or Payoneer, Infolinks also use e-checks and western union for payment.


2. Use Text Linking Ads

Text linking is similar to the lean generation method above with the exception that it’s a text link and not a graphic. Usually, these links appear in a different color from the rest of the text.

When visitors to your site click on the linked word or phrase, they are taken to a specific page on another website.

The publisher of the blog or website (you) paid by an advertiser who is trying to drive traffic to the linked page.

It works on the pay-per-click advertisement, but the publisher can also be paid a flat fee for publishing the link on their blog or website. This is also a very popular new way to monetize your website.


3. Use Monetization Widgets

Monetized widgets are widgets that you can place on your website that will dynamically pull in ads and you can be paid on an impression/click basis. You can you these monetize widgets to monetize websites.

You have to use advertisement widget related to your blog post otherwise you can’t get more passive income through this method. This is another new way to monetize your website.


4. Set up RSS Feed Ads

By monetizing your RSS Feed, you no longer have that problem. You can make money with blogging by placing ads in your RSS Feed.

There are several different websites that help bloggers place ads on their feeds, companies like Adsense for Feeds, Pheedo and Kanoodle place ads that are relevant to your readers either by using contextual ads or by choosing a particular topic or group.

You would like to use and where you would like to place them. Some bloggers place them at the top of the article; you can even wrap the text around them if you want. You could also place them at the bottom.


5. Content Locking for extra earning

If you create a great article and want to sell it as an e-book, its great idea but selling an e-book is very painful as a better alternative is to offer content locking. You can use the content locker as a new way to monetize your website.

sometimes it works great because most of the user is really interested in seeing what they were looking for. A user has to complete a short survey, subscribe to a website or pay a little money to use the premium content.

New Way to Monetize your Website

6. Private Forums

Most of us have different skills if you are an expert in any industry than you should simply start your private forum and earn online money. Private Forums are also new ways to monetize websites.

Clients are more likely to pay for expert advice from a trusted source and not spend hours looking online for a solution.

you can start your online forum with a low monthly subscription. you can also start online coaching classes or consultancy services.


7. Building a job board 

You can monetize websites with a job board. you have to put a contact form on your website so that clients will able to find you.

You should offer clients for freelance services and you must share your experience and knowledge with your clients.

As a job board provider, there are two types of customers you serve job seekers and employers and this is also a new way to monetize your website.


8. Create a “Hire-Me” page

Companies are always looking for content writers. If you have a blog or website then clients easily see your sample work live and hire you as a content writer to write content for him.

You just make sure to put best to hire me page so your chances increase to getting hired.


9. Rent or Sell Internal Pages 

Some people may be interested in renting out space on your website, If your website has a good traffic then you can make your site to a marketplace where third-party choose a space on your website and pay a monthly fee for that space where they put their banners, product or services.

Most site owners prefer a reseller account and they charge a commission or monthly fees to share their site. This is a Great new way to monetize your website.


10. Start Consulting

You can offer consulting services to your clients and help them. you can earn good passive income through consultancy. If you consider yourself an expert and love to solve the problem of others then you should try to offer others for consultancy services.

You can give these services via email, live chat with your client for a fee and make online money via your website or youtube channel. 

New Way to Monetize your Website


11. Display Pop-up Advertisements

This is another easy way to earn money through the website. Pop-up ads very effective and most people use Pop-up advertisement to increase their subscriber or sell their digital product.

You can also use Pop_up ads to monetize websites with third-party advertisers but be careful these pop-ups are very annoying and they can stay away from your visitors to your site.

Most pop-up nowadays will use Lightbox imagery. This is effective because many pop-up blockers don’t detect Lightbox images as being a “threat.


12. Premium Content For Members

You can create a members area page where you share some exclusive content for your visitors. If you’ve some valuable content for your visitor which can’t find them, then it’s greater possibilities that they create a membership account on your website.

You can charge a monthly or annual fee to your members for a subscription. Premium contents are a popular way to monetize websites.


13. Start Teaching Services 

You can start online teaching classes through your website and earn money. you can also sell your own content on amazon kindle. As we know today is the day of internet and there is the high demand for remote teachers who sell their services online.

Therefore you can use this method to monetize websites. This is a very easy and new way to monetize your website.


14. Monetize with Paid Webinars 

Webinars are kind of like classes without the intensive interaction between teacher and student.

once you have a targeted group of people interested in paid training you can start paid webinars live on your website with high-quality information.

You can promote any product or services through online webinars for extra income.


15. Offer Coupons

Peoples are generally looking for discount & promo codes for any online purchase, so you can offer a valid coupon on your website with affiliate links, you get a cut on each sell.

Offering coupons is a new way to monetize your website and many of peoples earn massive income through their coupon site. This is another method to monetize websites.

New Way to Monetize your Website


16. Polling Your Visitors

If you have a lot of traffic, then you should start running surveys from your website, This gives you access to a lot of data. That information could be worth money to the right business.

You could also offer to run surveys directly for a company from your website or blog. You can use this method for website monetization.


17. Create Paid Directory

You can charge good money to companies for listing if you have a popular website

A directory site in its most basic form is a site that lists and links out to other websites and businesses within one or more niche.

Some website owners do this primarily for local organizations. This may be a great place to start your own listing service.


18. Syndication of Content

By repurposing content from other channels, or displaying your content on other websites can result in residual revenue in micropayments or fixed pricing. Content syndication is a new way to monetize your website.

Displaying content feeds from other sources can result in content providers paying money to the provider.


19. Selling Data

Many websites collect information that can resell to third parties. Data types could be web traffic, search terms, registration information, email information. This is another proven way to monetize websites.

Make sure to be open and transparent to your users when collecting information if this is your intention.


20. Create an App

If you have a skill of creating an app, you can use your website as an extension of the app. You can create an app for your website or other websites and make money.

you can promote your app on your site. you can reach more visitors through your app. creating a website app increase the potential to earn online money.

New Way to Monetize your Website


21. Reselling Your Content Offline

Many bloggers sell their post collections to real-world business. some bloggers create a printable version of their website to sell it offline. 

They also resell their content to print magazine, education institute or another offline market. Reselling content is a new way to monetize your website. Try this Website Monetization Strategies to monetize websites.


22. Newsletters

Newsletters can be beneficial to keep visitors interested in your website similar to a premium membership. It can also be useful to monetize websites.

you can include third-party links start advertising campaign for those companies,

If you don’t want to include third-party links, You could always need a subscription fee for the newsletter while delivering content to the readers that aren’t found on your site.


23. Going Live

If you have a lot of visitors throughout the day, you can turn your website into a video studio.

you can deliver live video feed to engage the audience via YouTube. you can also start a membership area where the audience will pay you money for watching your digital broadcast. You can use this method to monetize websites.


24. Auction Hub

You Don’t start an e-commerce site or sell any goods. You can start an Auction site where visitor lists their products to sell. you get a monthly fee for list products for auction. Starting an auction hub is relatively great and new way to monetize your website.


25. Audio Ads

Many companies start investing in audio ads because its similar to traditional radio ads. You can use this method for making online money. Audio ads are an amazing and great way to monetize your website. You can use these website monetization Strategies to monetize websites.

If You looking for more methods to monetize websites, You should also read this article How to monetize WordPress website. I hope these monetization methods will help you to make money through your website or blog.

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