Fiverr Alternative Websites

Fiverr Alternative Websites: 10 Top Freelance Websites Like Fiverr [2018]

Fiverr Alternative Websites:10 Top Websites Like Fiverr [2018]

Hey, guys If you looking for the best Fiverr Alternative Websites then you must check out this amazing article. No doubt Fiverr is a very big and popular freelance marketplace for freelancing jobs and making money but you guys don’t know that thousand of freelancing websites still available for freelancing work.

We can use these Fiverr alternative websites as Fiverr Alternatives. Here, you will find Top 10 Fiverr Alternative Websites and start making money through freelancing.

If you are looking for more legit freelance websites then you must watch out these amazing 28 best Freelance Websites in India, These websites will help you to get the more freelance job opportunity and make full-time remote money at home.

1. Growthgeeks

Growthgeeks is a freelance marketplace, especially for SEO, social media marketing. where freelance can apply just by signup and start working.

If you have mastered in any kind of skills like modern marketing, anything from paid traffic, content marketing, social media, data scraping, analytics, or anything in between, then you might have what it takes to be a growth geek.

Millions of companies want to grow their business but without social media marketing, they can’t get what they want. Therefore, today digital marketing is on huge demand and as a freelancer, you can earn good monthly income through this website.

Fiverr Alternative Websites

Visit: Growthgeeks

2. LocalSolo

Local solo is another freelance marketplace for freelancers and remote workers. They claim to offer freelance jobs for freelancers from their locality. Local solo provides a home-based work opportunity for freelancers from different cities, across the world.

Freelancers can join LocalSolo to work with big companies according to their professional skills and employers can also able to choose and communicate freelancer’s who work for him.

Fiverr Alternative Websites

Visit: Local solo

Gigbucks is also a Fiverr Alternative Websites and a free freelance platform for freelancers and talented people from all over the world who can offer their services between $5 to $50 bucks per Gig.

As a freelancer, you have to choose your best skill and start selling gigs on Gigbucks. After completing each task you’ll be paid from Gigbucks for your Gig.

This website is basically a micro job website. here, you can offer almost everything like writing, music, photography, Programming which you can do better than others. You don’t need to be an expert, you can start here as a beginner.

Fiverr Alternative Websites

Visit: Gigbucks

4. Tenerr

Tenerr is the another Fiverr Alternative Websites, claim to offer cheap freelance services for less than 10$ bucks. They deal with micro jobs such as free facebook like, logo, article and more small task.

As a freelancer, you can signup here without any cost and they don’t charge any commision so you get all amount what you earn here. You can start your freelancing journey here without any experience.

Visit: Tenerr

5. Zeerk

Zeerk is a freelance marketplace or a micro job website where freelancers sell their gigs between $3 to $200 bucks. If you are a programmer, singer, writer, advertiser or you have any skill which you can sell then you can post your skills on Zeerk.

Posting is absolutely free and you can post as many jobs as you like. As a freelancer, you get hired by clients and you can also able to take part in biding to get more jobs.

 Fiverr Alternative Websites

Visit: Zeerk

6. SEO clerks

SEOclerks is a freelance marketplace originally designed for SEO services. Here you will find the best quality services as a content writer, Seo, programmer, virtual assistant, web-hosting, social media expert etc. in your budget. You can also search for freelancers according to their level just like Fiverr.

As a freelancer, you can join Seoclerk free and start selling your services. You can set your Gig price between $1 to $100.

Seoclerk is a very popular marketplace for freelance working and a best Fiverr Alternative websites similar to Fiverr.

Fiverr Alternative Websites

Visit: SEOclerks 

7. FiveSquid

FiveSquid is a secured freelance platform where freelancers from all over the work can sell their skill, and clients can pick up the best quality service in their budget. Here freelancers can offer services at the budget price like £5, £10, £20 or £50, or any custom price.

As a freelancer, you can choose any service like graphic design, writing, digital marketing, business advertising and more, according to your skills and ability.

Fiverr Alternative Websites

Visit: FiveSquid

8. is another freelance marketplace and Fiverr Alternative Websites. Here freelancer can choose their starting price $5 or as much as they want.

Freelancers can sell their services like graphic design, Seo, marketing on Konker. Here you can earn 17.5% commission for anything you promote and they only charge 5% of each Gig sold by you.

You don’t need to work hard for promoting your Gigs on Konker because their affiliate partner’s done this for you.

Fiverr Alternative Websites


9. Gig Blasters

Gig blasters is another Fiverr alternative websites for micro workers and a Marketplace for offering remote Jobs. Freelancers who specialized in giving any small GIGs like advertising, business, email marketing, Facebook services, SEO and much more, can offer their Gigs on Gig blaster.

As a freelancer, you can set your per Gig price Between $5 to $500 bucks on Gigblasters. 

Fiverr Alternative Websites

Visit: GigBlasters

10. Lyf Skill

Lyf skill is another top Fiverr Alternative and seller can easily join this site for free. There Gig selling price starts at just $4 bucks. This freelance marketplace is the relatively new platform for the freelancer, therefore seller can easily find freelance work on Lyfskill.

The best part of this freelance site is that they don’t charge any commission or fee.

As a freelancer, you can offer various services on Lyfskill like Web design, software development, writing, design, marketing, social signals and more. Clients can find freelancers for offering a job based on their skill and experience.

Fiverr Alternative Websites

Visit: Lyf skill

These are the best 10 Fiverr alternative websites or Fiver alternatives. You can try these sites to find cheap freelancing jobs at home. You can also join these top Freelance alternative websites to offer cheap remote services and make good monthly Income at home.

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